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Trucks On Rocks


Only and only if you're the kind of truck driver who dares responding to the challenges that some of the roughest, most unfriendly tracks represent, who's ready to put his driving skills to some truly extreme tests and prove he could tame even the most powerful monster trucks along some of the most extreme circuits, then you can dare getting the trucks on rocks game started! There is room only for those slightly mad drivers ready to face some really huge risks!

Ready for your “rocky” and so very explosive challenge? Great! Then if you usually love to play monster truck games online, you will instantly notice that this is no ordinary truck game. Once you find yourself challenged to accelerate on those abrupt, bumpy rocks there, once you feel the explosives under your truck's wheels, you will feel the adrenaline in your blood reaching maximum levels. The greater the challenge, the cooler the driver, right? Also, if you if you love to play monster truck games online, you'll see that the game controls are pretty much the same: you use your arrow keys for controlling your monster car. It may look very well equipped for this kind of extreme terrains, it might seem super stable and indestructible to you, but this is no ordinary circuit either: it's a rocky, deadly track covered with explosives that might turn your car into ashes in the blink of an eye. Once you've managed to complete the very first 3 levels, you'll get rewarded with the chance to replace your monster truck with a cooler one. Still, don't get overexcited, the more powerful your truck gets, the more challenging reaching the finish line will be!