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Tennis Ace


Tennis Ace is an extremely fun game for all of you who online pro tennis games fans. If you dream of playing a very challenging online tennis game it is you lucky day because you just stumbled upon this realistic game of lawn tennis. Tennis Ace is a game for everybody, the only condition is the desire to have some fun!

Tennis Ace is one of the best tennis games that I have ever seen… it will immediately give you the impressure you are on a real tennis arena with spectators and all. You will feel the atmosphere of a full stadium that cheers you at every strike. Like when playing for the first time any other online pro tennis games you will notice that it is quite hard to hit the ball, but in no time you will become an expert. So, it is required that you start playing in easy mode and gradually advance.

When it comes to the manner of playing, Tennis Ace is quite easy; you will have to use only the mouse for moving the character around, serve, aim and strike the ball. So, you can sit comfortably in you chair and relax while playing. You can even chose the surface you want to play on – grass or clay – depending on each and every one of your tastes. All of these after choosing the level of difficulty.

Like all online pro tennis games, the aim of Tennis Ace is to win the set. After some practice this won’t be that hard, you will see! And the best part is that you will feel better when you will hear the crowds shouting and your performance will surely improve considerably.

So, if all of this sounds good for you that means you just found the game for you. If you like this kind of challenging games you will not feel sorry after playing some sets. What are you waiting for, grab that mouse and start playing one of the most realistic online pro tennis games!