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Tennis 2000


At these tennis games online you will have to be quick if you want to hit the ball and win some points. At this tennis game online you have the rules of a normal tennis field. The game will end when a player reaches first at 21 points, or if you or your opponent will strike 6 points in a raw.

You will play these kinds of tennis games online with your mouse. Drag your mouse on the field where you want to be your player for the next position, and then click the left button on your mouse to hit the ball. Be careful because your opponent will be fast and if you don’t move your player fast enough, you won’t be able to catch that ball and finally you will lose that point.

After you decided to start the game by pressing the start button, you have some instructions to learn how to play this specific tennis game online. First you will have to press on the yellow ball to start the round. Then you will have to click on your player and drag it where you want to be. And finally you will have to click on your player to hit the ball. Like in each tennis games online you and your opponent will have 5 balls to serve. Your score will be displayed on the right down corner of the screen, and your opponent score will be displayed on the left right down corner.

If you lose a game at these types of tennis games online, the computer will ask you if you want to play another game. You can do that by pressing the reply button. Practice some rounds to learn how to move and hit the ball correctly and beat your opponent. Don’t be afraid if you won’t be able to do this in your first attempt. All you have to do is to practice some rounds.

Tennis 2000 is a funny type of online tennis games that are on the internet. Those tennis games online will teach you exactly how to play correctly a tennis game.