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Funky Pong


If you are bored and you are looking for a remedy you landed just in the right spot! Here you can find all kinds of sport games for everybody; here nobody is discriminated and everybody can find at least one game that suits his or her personality. So, if it happens that you are looking to play new table tennis games we just found something that I bet you will enjoy.

The game that we have for you is being called Funky Pong and it is a ping pong game where you will play for your own amusement. At first you will be very impressed by the simplicity of this challenging game. You won’t see any opponent and no table… well… there aren’t! if you want to play new table tennis games, and start with Funky Pong, you will see only the paddle and your ball in the middle of a circle.

Hmm… what is there to do?! Well… it is quite simple… you have to bounce the ball up and down with your paddle and you don’t have to let it drop nor get out of the circle. Challenging, right? Yes… very challenging, especially as the movements of your paddle will influence the trajectory of the ball and from some time on you will have to be very quick and to calculate your every move.

But when it comes to playing some table tennis games free online you should be happy that this game will help you improve your techniques and teach you some new ones. So, you can only play new table tennis games until you become an expert!

You will see that in no time you will start loving everything that has to do with tennis. Maybe, if you are lucky, even start playing ping pong in your free time, for real, with your friends. If me can make at least one person play new table tennis games for real, as a sport, that means we have succeeded. Practicing any kind of sport is very important for your health and don’t you forget to do it!