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Table Tennis


This game if for everybody who is in the mood for a good 3D table tennis game! If you got used with us that means you already know that we prepare only the best games. Each day we seek and look for the most entertaining and challenging games on the internet. Today we have for you a game that you won’t forget. It is called Table Tennis and that is what you will actually do – play some tennis on your computer! But not any kind of free online table tennis games, but the most realistic of them all!

This 3D table tennis game is a very special one because you will feel just like when playing a set with one of your friends, on a sunny afternoon, just for fun… and for real. This cool game doesn’t have any special effects, no extravagant graphic… it is just a game designed to resemble as much as it can the real sport!

So, if you want to learn how to play this 3D table tennis game you should know that it is not hard at all and you should arm yourself with a load of enthusiasm and, most important, get ready for having fun like you never had before playing these kind of games.

As I said, it is very easy to play Table Tennis! You don’t need to stress yourself with the use of several buttons because it will not be necessary. In order to serve and to hit the ball you need to use the mouse; you don’t even need to click it; just move it around in the direction of the ball. But be careful because your serve could influence the trajectory of the ball. Calculate carefully what you want to do and you could defeat your opponent in a quick-shotle of moves!

As you may know, the object of this 3D table tennis game is to defeat the computer. You will play a match and whoever gets out a winner will be declared the ultimate champion. I can say that this will be very easy for you… now; everything that you still have to do is start playing.