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Crazy Tennis


Crazy Tennis is one of those tennis games that will make you smile! It is unique in its way of playing, theme and graphic! You will be so glad that you have found it and that, now, you can actually play free tennis games that are a little bit more different that with what you were used to.

So, to present you the next game I first need you to try and place yourself some thousands of years ago. You have to put your imagination to try and start picturing yourself as being a cave person that has just discovered an incipient form of tennis. When you play free tennis games like this one you can feel free to just think of yourself as being among the first to play tennis and also one of its discoverers!

So, now that you have an idea about the time where the action will happen I think that we have to continue with setting the rules! So, when you play tennis games online you usually have almost the same rules only there are some small differences as you will see playing Crazy Tennis! 

The funny thing about this game is the fact that it will also set you in a fictional world – a primitive world where there is being held a battle between humans and animals – a battle that will decide who is the strongest… And they will battle in tennis! This will be a blast as you will represent the human team! 

This game will make the playing so simpler that you won’t actually know what happened and when you have became the winner! That is how muck you will enjoy to play free tennis games! So, the aim of the game is to win the match against the animals and prove that humans are and have always been the best! The mouse will help you in this! Just move it and the character will follow and click it to serve and hit back the ball and you will be rewarded with the title of prehistoric tennis champion!