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Tennis Master


If you are a fan of all kinds of tennis games I am sure that you heard about some of the best tennis players of all time. How would you like to play against some of them? Now, you have the unique opportunity to play tennis against Agassy or Nadal! We prepared for you one of the best tennis games ever! The one that you will try in a few seconds is called Tennis Master and is a quite complex game of tennis that will challenge you and at the same time amuse you.

Tennis Master is one of the best tennis games that you have ever played! It is not hard, and it has the rules of the real sport, without any special effects or tricks… just you, your palette and most important – your skills… First, before starting to play Tennis Master – one of the best tennis games ever – you need to choose the tennis player you want to compete against, afterwards chose the characteristics of your tactics of playing like speed and power. After you do all these you are ready to have the best tennis game of your life! 

The aim of Tennis Master is to defeat your opponent. You will play tournament style; meaning you will play a set with an opponent and if you get out a winner you will start another set with another opponent… and like this until you remain the only one. Isn’t this the best tennis game that you have ever played?

As from the point of view of the manner of playing Tennis Master is quite complex as you have to use the keyboard to play it. In order to control the character and make it move around use the arrow keys and space bar to serve and hit.

The graphic of the game is also very good, the characters are funny looking and the soundtrack is pleasant; you even have a crowd that will encourage you at every strike! Just like when playing a real lawn tennis game! So, don’t you stand anymore and start playing Tennis Master – one of the best tennis games on the internet!