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The Croesus Country Club


The Croesus Country Club is a game like you have never played before! I am sure that even if you are already used to playing pc tennis games you have never heard about a game that is based on a story where you are one of the main characters. Usually tennis games are all about tournaments, all about playing and winning. But this time it’s time you try something else!

When you start to play free tennis games like this you will be welcomed at the beginning by the whole story. I advise you to read it because this way you will enter the skin of the character and also you will better feel the atmosphere! So, the story goes like this: you are about to get married and in order to satisfy your future father in law you have to play with him – or with other words against him – a nice and challenging game of tennis!

The point of these pc tennis games is not to win the game but to make your father in law be proud of you. You won’t win the first place or nothing like that, but you will win a nice gift for your future wife! This is an objective that you won’t stumble upon when playing other tennis games and this is what makes The Croesus Country Club so original and unique.

When you start the game you will see only a player – your opponent – and in order to serve and hit the balls that are coming towards you just click with the mouse on the tennis ball and you will make it return! This is also a nice and unique way of playing as you will concentrate all your attention on performing the shot not on the way your racquet is moving! 

What do you say? Are you ready for some action? Are you ready to offer your virtual wife a nice gift? These pc tennis games are all about your entertaining so don’t underestimate The Croesus Country Club because it will offer you much more than you have ever expected!