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Since you were looking for tennis games on the internet we thought to present to you the most realistic of them all. If you also want to download tennis games here is Tennis! Its name betrays its simplicity and diligence and you will see this from the first seconds of playing.

You will find Tennis to be one of the most realistic lawn tennis games that have appeared lately on the internet. Its graphic, soundtrack and even the movements of the characters betray the hints it fives to the real sport. You will find yourself on a grass tennis court, with the tennis racket in your hand… getting ready to serve.

You should know that when you download tennis games you should pick only those you love… and this one will surely be among them. It will offer you competition, challenge… and don’t we forget fun! The most important thing when playing a game on the internet is for it to suite your personality and the, you will definitely love it.

Well… this game is quite different from what you expected. Maybe you wanted it to be played using the mouse… because it is much easy for you to have control upon your moves. But this time you will play with the keyboard – another extra challenge! This is another reason to download tennis games, and especially this one.

So, as I said before… you will use the keyboard to play – to move the character around and to perform the hits. As you might have guessed you need to press the arrow keys to make the player run from one place to another on the tennis court and the space bar to swing the tennis racket. When you see the ball approaching run towards the landing spot and hit space bar! You will have to be quite quick in moves… this game will surely keep you stuck to your computer all hooked up!

All in all, how can you not download tennis games like this one?! It can offer everything and more that you have ever expected from an online game. It deserves a place on your hard drive!