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Tennis Game


If you were looking for a nice tennis game online that means you are a very big fan of competition and what can be more competitive than tennis. This noble game is the cost competitive racquet game that exists! Just imagine – it will be only you, not a team, not another player around, and your opponent! It is a game that I can affirm that the perfect saying can easily be ‘’Everyone for himself…’’. Yes… these online games capture this attribute of tennis…

So, when you are feeling trapped by the others and you are sick and tired of team games where you need to relay on others more that you can relay on your own powers a good round of any tennis game is very welcomed! So, what you will have to do when you play free tennis games is follow the basic rules of tennis. Rules that I am sure you already know.

You don’t have to be a professional to be able to become the champion of this tennis game, you only have to have a little bit of determination and will and also some time at your disposal to play and play again! The aim is simple – you have to hit a small rubber ball that is being bounced between you and your opponent over a tennis net that cuts the field in half.

With a racquet you need to do your best in striking that ball and sending it to the other player is such a way that he couldn’t hit it back. But in this process you also have to take into consideration the fact that you need to send it back correctly… meaning it has to fall at least once in the marked opponent field.

 Practically the rules are muck more complicated, but to be able to become an expert in this online tennis game this is more than enough for you! By using your space bar to move the racquet and perform the serves and hits and the arrow keys to make the player move from one corner of the field to the other you will become the winner in no time… Enjoy!