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Sniper Hunter 5


Just imagine yourself being the most popular sniper in the city. You are one of the best and from a very big distance you can aim and shoot with your very powerful and preferment rifle from a very big distance. When you play these sniper hunting games you have to prove yourself to a new client… Let’s see how good you are!

The target of these hunting games free online is to try and shoot all the snipers from around you. You also have to be very careful not to be seen by the others as you will be in danger of being shot. Be as quiet as you can and you will win a lot from this test!

With your mouse you look through the lenses of your rifle and click when you see another sniper. Be careful not to shoot innocent people… you are not that kind of sniper! These sniper hunting games are not that educational, so I recommend them not to be played by small children. Let the adults keep these games for themselves!