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Stuck In Traffic


Nowadays the majority of the population lives in big cities with millions citizens, and this makes traffic almost impossible, the men that created the public roads couldn't have estimated such a traffic. The fastest way to get to work is to change lanes and win just a little more time, but this is not an easy maneuver you must have some good driving skills in order not to hit your car, and if you don't have to much experience driving Stuck In Traffic is a good way to learn.

This online urban driving game is not for beginners is a very hard game were you will have to change lanes on a very busy street, the key think to keep in mind is not to hit your car to much, a little scratch is ok but it is no point getting to the destination with a damaged car, if this happens and your life runs out you will have to start all over.

If you can finish the levels in the first try don't be disappointed it is almost impossible, you will have to practice a little and keep your eyes open for other cars and bicycles. After a few attempts you will get the hang of it and if you manage to finish this game you will have no trouble getting to work in time no matter the driving conditions.