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Roller Mini


If you are one of the people that enjoy skating in the park or on the street, than you should try doing this in the rollerblade games that you can play online free of charge. Roller Mini is one of them and I must say, an entertaining one. You don't believe me? Be my guest and play other rollerblade games online and correct me if I'm wrong about the fun that Roller Mini offers.

The first thing that I found to be cool about this game, is the fact that there are lots of animations included. Rollerblade games online can be for kids, or meant to be played only by those are over 18 years old. Well Roller Mini is definitely targeting both the kids and the grown-ups. It is a colorful game, with lots and animations and a catchy game play.

You've played back view rollerblade games online? Try Roller Mini too, because it is a side view game, where you move the skater around with the arrow keys. He can also skate on the fence that goes along the road, and on the sidewalk behind the fence. At first, the side view perspective the game can be a little confusing, but that won't be a problem after a few seconds. 

The objective of the game is to skate until the end of the level without hitting the vehicles or obstacles that are in your way. You should try to collect the blue cans, because they will give you extra points to the final score.

Rollerblade games online are fun to play, although not very popular. Roller Mini is one of them and after you finish skating on these virtual streets, you shouldn't forget to play the other sport games that we have online.