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Kings Of Rugby


You will be astonished to know that you can actually play this online rugby game with your mouse. Yeah, it’s really hard to understand why, but we will let you know why.

At these types of online rugby games all you have to do is to score some points with some free kicks. So to score a free kick all you need is a mouse. Easy, right?

In this online rugby game you have 12 penalty kicks to do. Kicking is easy: move your mouse to choose the direction, and then click one on the left button to decide where you want to hit the ball, and then click it again to decide the power of your shoot. A successful kick will give you 2 points but be careful, if your ball hits one of the 3 Bonus Zones, you get one more point so, stay focus.

The window arrow indicates the wind direction and strength, the red arrow means that you will play with strong wind. At these online rugby games, your goal is to mark the best points possible on the shortest playing time. So have a Good Match! When you are ready to start, all you have to do is to click on the flipper box.

At the beginning of the game you can choose to play this game alone or to play head to head with your friends online, and even you can bet and win some pretty cash on Spootnic. However if you like you can make yourself an account, very easily just 2 minutes. This way, anytime you want to play this online rugby game you can log in and see your history scores from your previous games.

Kings Of Rugby is one of the best kind of online rugby games in his class. There are other types of rugby games online on our site and you can access them whenever you like to practice some rounds. Play Kings Of Rugby for 3 or 4 times and you’ll see that you will become a pro kicker before you know it.