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Rugby Penaly Kick


These Penalty rugby games are for those who know what this sport is about even for a little bit… Rugby Penaly Kick is a game where you will see if you are good enough for this kind of sport, you will actually play the most important part of a rugby game – the play-offs!

Just imagine yourself at the end of the game and the fait of your whole team stands in your feet! If you manage to score three goals you are the best! But for starters let’s try to score at least one and learn how to play these Penalty rugby games. Well… it is very important for you to know that these free rugby games are controlled using the mouse – just move the mouse round the ball to set the direction and speed.

When the arrow is turned in the direction you want and colored green you can click for your player to perform the kick. And what a kick it will be! Penalty rugby games like this one will surely make you a champion even if you don’t think about yourself as one!