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Rugby Ruck It


This rugby winger's career lays in your hands, well in your skills of controlling him on the field and make him pass beyond the other team's very defensive players! Do I sense a free rugby games fan or on the contrary, this is one of the very first free online rugby games that you're playing? It makes no difference, for once you're there, on the on screen field, you'll be acting just like a professional rugby player, no doubt!

Have I mentioned that the other team is really well prepared and so determined to stop you from scoring your winning tires at any cost? Therefore, make sure to click the right and left arrow on your keyboard to help your on-screen winger make his way through the defensive opponent team players and lead his team to victory. It takes perfect reaction times to excel as a free rugby games player and especially for winning all the levels in this specific rugby game, so don't take your hand off the arrow keys and guide your player through those heavy adversaries, avoiding their tackles!

Have an adrenaline rising type of fun enjoying the rugby ruck it game and team up with the best rugby winger online for winning all the game's levels and the rugby championship, too, of course! Once all the levels completed, feel free to pick other challenging free rugby games, too, from our sports games collection!