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Rugby Challenge


It is very hard to find good rugby games free of charge these days online because the market has been invaded by all kinds of games of doubtful quality. But that is why we are here – to show you only what is good when it comes to rugby games to play and not only.

Rugby Challenge is the game you will play after learning how to correctly play it! This fame is neither hard nor simple… it’s exactly how rugby games free should play in order to be accessible to everybody!

You should keep in mind that these rugby games free are very simple to play with the condition you respect the indications given, so, in order to place a shot you have to first use the arrows to aim towards the place you want to hit, click on the ball to set the swing and then again to set the power. When you leave the mouse button the ball will fly in the direction you set it. Now that you know the rules… let’s get to play!