Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Rugby World Cup 2007


Rugby games where you can play more types of attack are very rare… I have to say that these world cup rugby games are very special! Why? Well… because here you cannot play two types of rugby… but three! Rugby World Cup 2007 will actually bring you in the middle of the action! You will be one of the participants to the Olympic Games and the whole team and your country will count on you!

After you have chosen your country or the country you wish you were part of the team you can choose any of the three matches: The Scrum – where you have to tap the right and left buttons to win; The Try – where you will pass and score and finally The Conversion – the part of these rugby games for free to throw the ball by pressing the space bar at the right moment!

Sounds interesting, right? I bet it does! Especially for those of you who actually like this sport and practice it… but for world cup rugby games fans it will surely be a dream come true!