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Team Rugby Challenge


As for all types of rugby games online you will have to control all your 20 players and crush your opponent. At this specific rugby game online you will need to be careful because you only have one attack/game in the finals, and you will be forced to score.

You will actually start the game by pressing the start button. Then you have to select your own team, whichever you will like, and then select 3 teams for your opponent. You will actually see that your team has only 20 seconds left, and you will need a TRY and a CONVERSION to win the match.

Like in every type of rugby games online you will need a keyboard to play it. By pressing the arrow keys of your keyboard you will move your players where do you want. By pressing the up arrow key you will move your player to your opponent base, by pressing the left arrow key you will turn left, by pressing the right arrow key you will turn right and by pressing the down arrow key you will stop the running. Be careful because you don’t want to do that. Don’t stop because this way you will lose time and probably the ball.

By pressing quickly the left arrow key and the right arrow key you will win the SCRUM at the beginning of the game. As you already know, to win the game, to make a TRY you will have to pass the ball as much as you can. You will actually do that by pressing the “Z” button while holding left or right to pass the ball.

These kinds of rugby games online are very realistic. Try to keep down your head not get a knock down and if you do that you will see that the game is much easier.

Team Rugby Challenge is a funny way to learn the basics rules for the rugby game. These types of rugby games online were made for your need to be on the field, and if you practice sometimes these online rugby games you will be able to get even a real game on the grass.