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Rugby 21


Are you already used to playing free online rugby games whenever you have some free time at your disposal or this is the first game of the kind that you're playing? It makes absolutely no difference for this is no ordinary rugby game, it's the one that will keep both the experienced players and the beginners glued to their PCs for hours! 

It takes you just a few decisive mouse clicks to become the best rugby player online! Aim the cross hair, using your mouse, in the exact direction you'll like to throw your ball, adjusting for the wind, too, while doing that. For starting the power pointer placed on the left side of the screen, give another mouse click and and, once the designed power is reached, another decisive click! I''m telling you, if you're not familiar with free online rugby games, you'll get to test your reaction times to the maximum, and if you're already a big free online rugby games fan, you'll get to perfect your rugby playing skills going through all of those challenging levels! Don't leave the power pointer out of your sight, and give your mouse one last click, doing your best to stop it as close to the orange line as you can. The more goals you score, the more chances your on-screen rugby player has to become the best player of the championship.

Play the Rugby 21 game, definitely one of the most engaging free rugby games online, and have your accuracy and your reaction times tested!