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Demolition Derby Arena


Did you heard about demolition derby? It is a popular car sport where modified cars are put in an arena and they have to destroy each other. In this type of games you won't see supercars, ho will want to destroy a car that is worth a lot of money? The majority of the cars are old cars that are reinforced in order to resist to impact.

There are not many arenas where you can see this cars in action, luckily we have just the game for you , Demolition Derby Arena is the right racing game for you. This on line game captures the basics of the demolition derby, you will first start with a pretty basic car and after you do some damage you will earn some money that you can use to upgrade it making it more resistant and faster. In order to win points you will have to hit the other cars in the left or right sides, they are protected in the front and back.

Don't worry if you don't manage to do any damage from your first try, with a little practice anything is possible and once you manage to upgrade or even buy a new car this demolition derby game will become a walk in the park.

There are no better driving game than the ones where you get to destroy other cars so enjoy this demolition.