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Punch Tom


It really is not a waste of time to spend your free days and moments doing something that you like. If you are a fan of boxing and you cannot practice this sport in reality, you can always play some nice and cool pc boxing games instead! And I really have the perfect game for you! It is called Punch Tom and you will be given the chance to beat the hell out of this character named Tom! 

The predefined keys are quite simple to use in playing, but if it is uncomfortable for you… you can always choose the ones that are more suitable. What you have to do when playing Punch Top is to throw left and right punches at your opponent until you put him down. But don’t you forget to defend yourself as well in these free boxing games online because your opponent will also fight back! 

So, get ready to start the fight and throw the most unbelievable punches that you have ever thrown! Your opponent will be stunned and you will soon become the champion! Don’t you waste your time anymore and start to play these wonderful and challenging pc boxing games!