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Canadian Curling


Are you ready to curl Canadian way? If you are looking to play some free online curling games that are very realistic you came to the right place! Canadian Curling is what you were looking for! This free online curling game is quite similar to the real sport so if you are a fan or if you even play for real this sport Canadian Curling will fully satisfy your needs and expectations!

Canadian Curling is a free online curling game that you can only play against the computer. You will play two rounds and in each round you will have 4 stones that you have to throw. The one that gets to set his stone closer to the center of the target each round will be declared the winner! So be careful because you are playing against a very good contestant! Be very attentive at the stopping place of it’s’ stones and adjust the power of the throw and the direction according to that. I am sure that once you start playing you will practice and become a very good player.

When playing Canadian Curling you will be allocated the blue stones. The computer will be the one to begin the game, so you can say that the advantage is yours… try to take advantage of this! To place the stone where you desire you just need to adjust the direction by moving the mouse and placing the dotted line in the right position; then, select the power of your throw from the power bar. If you calculate your aim well you can even move your opponents’ stones from their place! Isn’t this the most challenging free online curling game? And the most real… right? I am sure you will enjoy playing it. Even if you are not such a big fun of curling games online, I believe you will like Canadian Curling and start loving free online curling games!