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Riddle Parking


If you are looking for a game where you not only have to park your car correctly in the right spot but also look for good ways to do that this riddle parking game is just what you were looking for. This is because this game is not only a simple parking game, but also a puzzle which you have to figure out…

These games can be considered parking games for girls and for kids because they are dedicated for everybody, the only condition is to have the mood needed to think about the easiest way to take the car in the marked spot. Also, this riddle parking game is quite easy to play; you only have to press the arrow keys in the direction you want the car to go. Just be careful about the walls, make your way towards the parking spot by driving towards the walls or else your car will get out of the marked zone and you will loose.

Also, when playing this riddle parking game you are allowed to click on the walls to make them disappear if they are a click distance from the place you need to park. Isn’t it interesting? Am I right that you haven’t played a parking game like this one before?