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Have you ever dreamt about participating in the marathon? If you did, then, now is the right time to fulfill at least part of that dream. Now you have the chance to play running games that resemble the marathons. The game we have for you today is even called ‘’Marathon’’ and you will be surprised of how active a simple game like this can get.

At first look you will surely catalogue Marathon as being a very simplistic online game that cannot bring anything new in your life. But that is not true… because you can choose from three types of marathon to run in. You ca pick to run in a 100 meter dash, in a 500 meter sprint or a 1000 meter marathon. Each mode with its personal unique characteristics. So, if you choose to play running games online you should pick this one even for some minutes; you will see that it is everything that you want from online running games.

Also, you will be extremely amused by the character you will run with… smile will automatically invade your lips when you’ll see the strange looking creature with an air of stupidity trying to run as fast as it can. Also, you will find the way you will have to play quite active and simple because you will have to use only the right and left arrows. The left arrow is for the left foot and the right one for the right foot! By pressing the buttons at the same time, as fast as you can you can make the character run.

Isn’t it simple to play running games? Marathon will bring you another approach of this sport. You will try to run as fast as you can by pressing those keys in order to set a new record which you can also post online. The race will end when you get in the area marked in red… there you will have to stop.

So, choose what kind of marathon you want to try and start to play running games! You will see that after one game you will be curious to also try the other playing modes! Have fun!