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Run Lil Broccoli


As you may know, animated games are the best when it comes to the amount of fun that they provide to the ones who play them. Well… these Sonic running games are the most animated games you have ever seen. You will play with a cool and funny broccoli and try help it run away from the cook. 

When you play these Sonic running games you will have some possibilities to get rid of the cook and end up not in its pot. One of these possibilities would be picking up bananas and throwing at him the peals using the ‘’S’’ key. This way you will slow him down for a bit. These freestyle running games bring to you also other kind of obstacles over which you have to jump by pressing the ‘’A’’ button. 

When you need to accelerate you can use the ‘’left’’ arrow and this is how you can run away from the mean cook that wants to catch you and put you in his food! These Sonic running games are a good way to spend your free time in a nice and constructive way. So, what are you still waiting?