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Karate Monkey


Oh my god! You definitely have to see this! I have just found some games that will make you wish you could stay forever at the computer! They are the newest karate games to play online for free! These games are really what you have been looking for if you like karate games and martial arts. 

If you also perform this wonderful and noble sport of the body and mind for real you will also enjoy playing these karate games 2012 in the virtual world! There is no question about how much fun can games like Karate Monkey bring to anyone that plays it. Even the name of this game inspires and characterizes its action…

When you start to play Karate Monkey you will soon realize that you actually are a monkey – the character to impersonate you is a funny little monkey that just now learns some karate moves. You will see two characters on the screen – one is the monkey and the other one the instructor! The instructor will teach you the moves by showing you which key to hot each time his hands are in a certain position. 

After a while, it is supposed that you already know the rules and you won’t be offered help anymore! The helping keys will disappear and you will have to do your best in performing the right moves. The funny thing about these karate games to play is the fact that each time you perform the wrong kick you will actually hit the trainer! You will surely have some laughs until you manage to become an expert in karate!

After some time you will realize that you have become better and better by the moment. Actually the first levels will seam to you like a piece of cake! Like performing karate as a hobby in reality, these internet free karate games to play also have part of the advantages of the real thing… Soon you will start concentrating more on details and your hand-eye coordination will significantly improve.

Also, these karate games to play will teach you something about discipline! Even if it is not the same thing as practicing real karate you will also take parts of what it has to offer and at the same time have an extraordinary time!