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Catch that Penguin


Three, two, one: go, catch that penguin! Help the tiny winged racer leave his chaser way behind him, all while you're making sure that he manages to avoid the gaps in between those icy slopes and the deadly icebergs that he'll be facing on his way to the finish line, to the cave where he can hide away from his fierce chaser, to be more specific.

The game's controls are so obvious, the catch that penguin snowboarding game's tutorial will let you know what arrow keys to click in order to help our little winged racer dash through the snow like crazy, what key to use to help him jump over the gaps in between the slopes, to duck when he approaches a deadly block of ice and to use his snowboard's brakes. It will soon come so naturallye to you to quickly click the down arrow the very instant you spot that massive block of ice that your penguin teammate is heading to and to super quickly click the up arrow the moment you see that he's getting closer and closer to the edge of the icy slope there. Besides the fast-paced race along the ice made, snowy, dangers-covered track and the two funny looking, but so fierce racers, this catch the penguin snowboarding game surprises you with all sorts of bonuses that you need to help your penguin teammate pick up on his way to the cave, such as simple or golden fishies or even lightnings that will grant you points and help your tiny winged buddy win over his huge rival and become the new snowboard champion of the ice land.

You won't feel the freezing cold, you won't even feel the icy snow, you'll just experience the thrills and adrenaline rushing through your veins the moment you join these two animal snowboarders on their fast-paced snowboard chasing! , and mock that giant polar bear, escaping him over and over again!