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Downhill Dash 2


When it comes to winter games I can say that if you want to play snowboarding games that are good and challenging you need to choose those games that require you to perform tricks and stunts because when playing those games you will surely not get bored. A game where you have to use your imagination to make up all sorts of stunt combination is Downhill Dash 2. So, what do you say about putting that creative imagination of yours at work and see what comes out.

Usually, when you play snowboarding games and other kind of winter sports games you need to use your imagination to think about various ways to animate your slide down the mountain. For example, when you play Downhill Dash 2 if you won’t start performing tricks you will just slide down the hill, without falling… everything is safe… but, in the end, you won’t have gained any points.

And as you might have figured it out – you can earn points only by performing certain dangerous jumps, flips, turns and interesting landings. Usually, when you play snowboarding games you can use the keyboard to do the tricks because it gives you a little bit more control over the snowboarder and it lets you calculate your every move. So, while sliding downhill you can press the arrow keys in order to perform simple of more complicated moves.

Also, when playing this sonic snowboarding game, at the beginning you can choose from three different modes of playing. You can either choose to play freestyle, slalom or racing – each of them different from one another.

For example when playing freestyle you will be required only to perform whatever stunts you want; if you try slalom you will have to avoid certain obstacles that come in your way and if you prefer a race, than you will compete with another player in a slalom race! What do you think suits you best? Well… play snowboarding games, try them all and see!