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3d Super Snowboarder


At these free 3d snowboarding games you will use your keyboard to control your player. Also you will have a limited time to complete your races. Also the goal for these free 3d snowboarding games is to make as many points as you can by doing some amazing tricks. You will do those tricks by pressing your action keys. These action keys are explained in the game instructions which are displayed when the game starts.

Complete the snowboarding ride within the time limit, while scoring points for tricks. You get 20 seconds at the start of the game and a 20 seconds time extension when you cross a checkpoint. Land well after you make your tricks and don’t miss gates to fill up your trick meter. When that trick meter is full you will gain a nice speed boost. Coins collected, your trick meter level and combos will all count together to increase your score for tricks.

Use the right and the left arrow keys to make a steer, hold the down arrow key to do a quick turn to gain points, but be careful because these also will slow you down if you do them too often at these free 3d snowboarding games. Also press the space bar key to do a bunny hop that is useful when you do the hopping over the ice patches.

While you are in the air use your arrow keys to make a flip or a rotation but make sure that you manage to land correctly facing the right way if you want to gather those points. If your trick bar is full, press the up arrow key to gain that speed boost.

Only these free 3d snowboarding games you will improve your skills at those winter games. 3D Super Snowboarder is the best type of snowboarding stuns games that were ever made. Challenge your friends at these winter games to see which of you is more experienced at these games. Enjoy playing these amazing games anytime you want to relax yourself.