Zoorly Sport Games Arena



This winter the snowman and its friends have some problems with the tourists that came in his territory to snowboard. They scared away the wildlife and mocked the snowman. That is why he wants to get back at them and reclaim its territory. These PC snowboarding games were created only for you to be able to help the snowman scare off the snowboarders with snowballs. 

Now that you have an idea about the game I think you also have an idea about what you have to do to win these PC snowboarding games. Well… you may have thought right – you have to throw snowballs at the tourists. Each level you have to kick a certain number of people to be able to advance

You can do that by clicking on the snowman to pick up a snowball and release when you want to throw it. These cool snowboarding games are quite entertaining also because you can move the snowman from place to place to have a better target. So, if you want to play some interesting PC snowboarding games this is a very good example!