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Snowboard Stunts 1


In these snowboarding stunts games you will have to make some tricks do gain the needed points to win the game. Land correctly to collect the points for those tricks and make as many as you can to get a high score.

You will play these snowboarding stunts games using your keyboard. You will do tricks when you will be in the air using your arrow keys. Each arrow key has a specific meaning. For instance if you press the left and the up arrow key at the same time when you are in the air you will make a back flip. Combine those keys to do all of these amazing tricks.

During the game you will have three kickers ahead of you. You have to jump at the right time, to get as much air as possible and then perform various tricks to earn as many points as you can. To jump really high in the air you will have to press the space bar key before the marks saying you can. Then use your arrow keys to perform some tricks. By pressing the left arrow key you will tail a grab, by pressing the right arrow key you will nose a grab, by pressing the down arrow key you will do a three sixty and finally by pressing the up arrow key you will do a back flip.

Also during the game you will receive some extra points for your rotation, for your hanging time, for your style and for your tricks. Jump exactly when you need to and you will have plenty of time to do all your tricks.

Don’t forget that these snowboarding stunts games can be played also in a multiplayer mode against your friends. Snowboard Stunts 1 is the best game in its class and you can play these easy snowboarding games whenever you would like only on our site. Don’t forget to subscribe your higher score to prove us that you’re the best at these winter games. Enjoy playing these amazing games and challenge your friends to race against you to win the title of the winter games.