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Supreme Extreme Snowboarding


Since you are eager to play some new snowboarding games online I thought I could recommend you some interesting games that are worth playing, or at least tried. Here is Supreme Extreme Snowboarding – a game that is for those who are in the look for performing some more difficult stunts than used to.

After you have chose the played that fits you best – a male or a female snowboarder – you can start the competition. These new snowboarding games online are played on levels, so you will start with the first one and using the arrow keys and space bar and most important, a combination of these keys, you can perform some stunts and in return you will be rewarded with points.

At the end of each level in these stunt snowboarding games you will see a committee that notes you. According to the points they give you can advance to the next levels. So be careful and try not to upset the committee because they can make you the champion of these new snowboarding games online!