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Downhill Snowboard 3


This game is for all of you out there that like winter games. Downhill Snowboard 3, just like the name says, it all about snowboarding and the trill going down the mountain, and for the sensation to be complete you have to outrun an avalanche that is right behind you. It doesn't matter if you are professional or a beginner at snowboarding, this game will keep hooked for hours. No matter if you play snowboarding games on line or if you are going for a real snowboarding experience the fun is always there.

Snowboarding is not simple at all, and injuries can be very painful, but by playing Downhill Snowboard 3 these will never happen, yo have the chance to enjoy your favorite sport from the comfort of your home and the best part is that it is extremely easy. In order to play Downhill Snowboard 3 you will have use the arrow keys to keep the snowboarder in balance and not let him be eaten by that avalanche.

Extreme sports are not for every one, bu these game will give you an inside look of what other crave for. You can feel the adrenaline pomping trough your veins without having to take any risk.