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Extreme Heli Boarding


If you are a fan of snowboarding you can be of any age to enjoy playing these snowboarding games online for kids because there is no chance that they cannot offer you fun and challenge. A very good example of a game like this can be considered Extreme Heli Boarding! This game is a quite simple one that can be played also by small children because it lacks the violence and it is presented in a good and bright light!

You can play these snowboarding games online for kids with the keyboard, and mainly the arrow keys to control the snowboard – to accelerate, slow down, and maintain balance – and t apace bar to perform the jumps. Isn’t it also fun that while you slide down the hill you can improve your score and achieve time bonuses by gathering the stars in your way?!

There are many features that make these big air snowboarding games so fun and popular, but I will let you discover all by yourself the rest. All that I can still say is that these snowboarding games online for kids are 100% worth trying!