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Penguin Skate 2


These cool snowboarding games bring you now something that you have never seen at a game like Penguin Skate 2! Now you have the chance to be the first to teach a clumsy baby penguin how to snowboard! Also, these are games that are so accessible that they can be played by almost anyone who can use the keyboard.

This is because Penguin Skate 2 is that easy to play that you think you are on holyday! The whole object of the game is to manage to get to the bottom of the hill in one piece, without falling or tipping over. All of these while you also pick the presents that are on the way. These cool snowboarding games are being played with the help of the arrow keys when you want to accelerate and the space bar when needed to jump.

Just be careful that while playing these fun snowboarding games you won’t be tipped off about the gaps and dangers, so be prepared for anything… This is the main reason these cool snowboarding games are considered to be extremely fun and also very challenging!