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Goo's Revenge


Goo, the laboratory experiment creature done by doctor Bumm, has escaped! Its multiplying powers will help it invade the world unless you can save the day! So are you ready to be a hero and help Dr Bumm capture the little creature before the ultimate goo's revenge?

Using your archery and aiming skills, try to take down all multiplying goos, before they overrun the laboratory, conquer and infest the entire world. Each level will bring to you a new challenge that you will have to overcome, but using your skills will surely help in your important mission. Goos are smart and witty, so stay focused and make the best out of each shoot. Point and click to release the shots that can destroy all goo's revenge games and tricks, but use them wisely since you only have a limited number of bullets. As you get the hang of this archery game, try to take the goos down using all items that are available. Mirrors, vents, razor blades and other intriguing objects will prove to be a great help if only you will learn how to use them properly. Test you shoots to see which one of them multiplies your shots, which one redirects them and how you can transfer your ball to an opposite corner. Learn some archery tricks too, aiming right to take out the goos in an instant. Don't take too long, since their multiplying ability is quick and permanent and soon you will have to take down not one but two, three and even more goos.

To get into the mood for this sharp game, you can try other archery challenges, such as shooting training games, that will develop you skills in no time, making you a better hero.

So what are you waiting for? Start the challenge right now and see if you can defend the world and save it from the infestation of the little creatures, being ready to face the goo's revenge. Dr. Bumm will be proud and thankful if you can wipe each of them out, keeping his laboratory work under strict surveillance. Good luck and may your strategy be better then the goo's revenge games they will try to pull in order to escape!