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Garfield Ping Pong


It is time to play once again a game that has hero the main character of an animated movie. This time you will play ping pong with Garfield - the orange tomcat that everybody knows. This Garfield ping pong game will surely make you smile mo matter what.

Games made after animated movies and cartoons are quite popular among people of all ages. Mostly if the character they depict is funny and nice like Garfield. This Garfield ping pong game has nothing less than the movie where you can see him in action. It will be very funny to play a classic game of ping pong where you have to choose the character to play with from among some of Garfield’s friends and even him in person.

When you look at these table tennis games free online you will see a classic ping pong table with classic palettes, the only difference will be the heads of the cartoons drown on the back of the palettes. Before starting playing you can choose your favorite character to play with and also your opponent.

After all of that you can start playing the actual Garfield ping pong game! Like any other table tennis game, this one has practically the same rules; and also the same rules also like when playing at a real table. Meaning you will serve in rounds and the first to score 21 points is declared the winner. The rules are very easy and let you concentrate upon the game.

Also, when concentrating on the way you play all that I can say is that this Garfield ping pong game is being played like any other online table ping pong game – using the mouse to de everything! Only when you serve you need to left click once… 

So, what do you say about playing a round of ping pong with the funniest tomcat? Prepare yourself for having some fun and press that ‘’start’’ button! In no time you will find yourself addicted to this Garfield ping pong game!