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Danny Phantom Urban Jungle Rumble


Get yourself prepared for a very cool game! It is Danny Phantom Urban Jungle Rumble! Here you will play using the hero named Danny Phantom and help him in his dangerous adventure in the jungle! From all 3d fighting games this one is what you can call challenging and extremely fun!

And as you have expected, the more interesting and interactive the game is the more fun, but also the harder it is to pass from one level to another. What you have to do when playing these 3d fighting games is fight the characters until you drive them off the platform you are standing. When you have done that you can move to a higher and harder level!

These Sonic fighting games will make you face all kind of dangerous characters which you have to defeat by using the keyboard! So, while you play 3d fighting games like Danny Phantom Urban Jungle Rumble you have to use the arrow keys to walk around, jump and duck and the space bar and ‘’C’’ to attack with punches and kicks!