Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Mad Dash


Get ready for a super fun Olympic adventure with Bugs Bunny and Cecil Turtle, as you remember your childhood cartoon fun and your favorite characters. The two fun and entertaining competitors are once again face to face in a mad dash race, and you are here to enjoy the entire running spree. You are of course, bugs bunny, the funny cartoon character, leading the sprint sessions everywhere. Be a part of the Olympic running games and jump over enough hurdles to beat Cecil on his way to the finish line. Use your arrow keys to get in a line with hurdles and press the space bar to jump over fences and advance to the winning point.

Be quick and skillful as you lay out your best skills at this year's Olympic running games. Feel the adrenaline of a speedy competition and get to the finish line first, jumping over as many obstacles as possible. Make Bugs Bunny proud of you in this mad dash race that's going to bring you high-ratings in the animal and cartoon kingdom.