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Aren’t you sick and tired to watch baseball games on television? Games you will never attend, games you will never take part in… then, it is time for the new game Baseball4!!! This new innovating game is being brought to you in order to feel like a real baseball player. For all baseball fans life as they know it is over! No more watching baseball games, no more cheering and crying in front of the television when your favorite team wins or looses. You can now take measures into your own hand and become a player for your favorite baseball team. Baseball4 does exactly that for you in the comfort of your home, sitting at your computer table.

You have never seen such an interactive game like Baseball4! This new game looks and acts like the real sport. It lets you choose the name of your team and its color; you can even choose the batter’s skin color and bat logo! So, what can be more personalizing than this?

Baseball4 is also very easy to play. You just need a good hand-eye coordination. You can do this by using only the mouse to position the aim of your bat and the direction of pointing. You can also control the angle which your ball will take – up or down – by moving the mouse up or down. After you have positioned the bat, just click the left mouse button to swing it and hit the ball.

When playing Baseball4 you can choose between three levels of difficulty, but for beginners it is recommended choosing the easy mode as it will guide you in order to score maximum points. The final aim of the game is to land your ball closer to the centre of the target in order to gain more points, and for your player to reach all bases.

Play Baseball4 and you will fall in love with it, and even love the sport more. You will not only watch baseball games, you will take part in one!!!

What is extremely fun at this game is the fact that while playing you feel exactly like on a real baseball stadium. The crowds are cheering at your every strike and sound sad at your every miss. Your player will even run to first base after you strike. So, you don’t have to watch baseball games anymore, you can become the best only if you play baseball games online!