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Camaro Drag Racing


We dare you to push your limits as a car racer and take this challenge: participate to the most famous, ultimate online drag racing! Unleash the high speed addict in you, bring out that skillful driver inside young and get the Drag Racer game started!

Have I mentioned that you'll get to drive the fastest high powered super cars? The no. of drag racing super cars that you'll be speeding down the circuit depends only on your skills of handling those top speeds and of controlling your car so that it leaves your opponents way, way behind you! It doesn't mater whether you're already very familiar with free online drag racing games or not, the race will be really challenging both for a beginner and for a well experienced player! Ready to drive the first car of the game?

Now, regarding the game controls, as in many other online drag racing games, they're pretty basic: click the spacebar for accelerating your drag racing car and your arrow keys for shifting your sports car's gearbox as quickly as you can. Practice makes it perfect, so in no time you'll be improving your reaction times and you'll be changing the gears as quick as lighting in order to reach some really adrenaline rising speeds! The mail goal of the game is that of winning two races in a row and the reward, for there's' definitely a reward,too, if you manage to race your car like a real drag racing pro', is the chance of driving other and other new high speed super cars! Tempting enough? Then forget all about the dull online drag racing games that you used to play and have your driving skills tested with this fast-paced online drag racing game!

A real sport cars admirer and true drag racing games fan like you will surely appreciate some great, adrenaline pumping online drag racing games and will definitely grow addicted with this specific game, Drag Racer, who'll keep you glued to your chair, in front of your computer, as long as it takes you to take your drag racing car to victory!