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American Dragracer


If you have a major weakness for sleek, gorgeous sports cars and a guilty addiction for extreme speed, then drag racing games online free are perfect for you and, from them all, the American Dragracer game suits you like a glove! Put together your fantasy sports car, then test your car racing skills on the drag racing track, outshining all your opponents in all the game's adrenaline rising 5 levels!

So, which is your fantasy car? Could it be the jaw-dropping Mercury Comet Caliente or maybe the superb Buick Lesabre? Feel free to select the car you'll be driving on the circuit, then upgrade it and give it the look to boost your self confidence and leave all your adversaries mouth -opened with! There aren't many nhra drag racing games that offer you this car tuning option, too, so seize the chance to beautify and turn your sports car into a personalized super car, then get ready to show what you're made of, as a racer, speeding down like a madman on the track!

The game's controls are more than simple, as in many drag racing games online free: just use your spacebar to accelerate your sports car and make it reach incredible speed and don't leave your fingers off the up and down arrows on your keyboard for you need to shift gears as quickly as possible! After you start the race and you start to feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins, then you can be sure there's no cure for you: you've grown irremediably addicted to drag racing games online free! Accelerate the very instant one of your opponents is threatening your title of the best online car drag racer, make sure to gear up and down, using the arrow keys accordingly, and the golden medal is yours, along with the audience' admiration! The goal you need to pursue is that of winning 2 drag races out of three and you'll be rewarded with the chance of picking another, even more stunning super car and the chance of getting qualified for a new challenging level, of course!

Play the American Dragracer and set free your need for intense speed and your love for gorgeous, high powered super cars! If once you've completed all the 5 levels you still feel like taking another challenge then feel free to try other drag racing games online from the ones we're proudly hosting on our site!