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Gear Up


Racing games are some of the most played games online, if you really like speed you should try drag racing games and if you haven't play any until now, Gear Up is the best game you start with. This games have a simple game-play but they test your reactions to the maxim, Gear Up is no exception, you will have to be very careful and change the gears just right.

Playing Gear Up is simple but fun, in order to win you should change the gears using the shift and ctrl keys from your keyboard. Getting all the sifts just right doesn't guarantee that you will win, you will have to upgrade your car or buy a better one. No matter how god you are you are going to replay some of the courses in order to have money for upgrades and win the next one.

Drag racing games are perfect for speed junkies they have it all, just try them out and see for yourself.