Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Dirty Drag


If you think you've seen them all, that you've gone through the most challenging drag racing tests playing your favorite new drag racing games, then wait until you compete in this fierce drag race. It's not about the car who's the least damaged at the end of the completion, it 's about the supercar and its super skilful driver show manages to cross the finish line on time, before all the other competitors!

You do agree, don't you, that when it comes to a really intense, extreme drag racing, you cannot drive like any type of car down the circuit. No sir, make sure you customize and upgrade your high speed car lingering on in the garage as long as it takes to get it the best wheels, the right chassis, the most stunning bodykit to steal the spotlights with and so on. Don't forget about selecting an advanced engine, too, for your drag racing beauty here, then hold your breath, for the race is about to begin! Do you think you're already used with the intense, adrenaline rising sensations that online drag racing games give you? Still, you haven't tried this dirty drag racing game before! The moment you press the up arrow key on your keyboard and your car speeds down like crazy down the track, then you realize that, compared to the new  drag racing games you used to play, this is a really extreme drag racing that you're involved in! Stay focused, though, don't forget to press the right and left keys on your keyboard for tilting up and down and use the “Z” and “X” keys which stand for the jumps and rockets you'll perform. Keep in mind that it is those rockets that will bring you the speed boosts that you need for leaving your opponents way behind you and completing the level before you run out of time!

So, all you new drag racing games fans out there, put your drag racing skills to a new major test, tune up your drag race car and don't settle down for anything less than the top position in every one of the game's levels!