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3d Drag Racer


Do you think you have all he right skills- good reaction times, great driving skills and great control over your race car even when it reaches top speeds- to compete in that worldwide known drag racing competition? Measure your skills against the computer, in this great drag racing simulation game, and, if you already have a major weakness for drag racing games online, then you'll develop a major addiction for this specific game, too!

First of all, since you're just about to write history and become the new drag racing champion from the online world, make sure you don't forget to type your name before you get behind the wheel of your super drag car. The instant you start the simulation, there will be no turning back! You have 60 seconds to prove what you're made of as a drag racer! Whether you're already familiar with drag racing games online, or this is the first time that you're playing such kind of car racing games, you'll see that, when it comes to controls, there's absolutely no philosophy. Click the “A”key to gear up, the “Z” key to gear down and use your up arrow key for accelerating. Drag to the finish line, paying attention to the time left, too, and making sure to swift gears really fast, so that your drag car should reach maximum speed! Beats your opponents, test your limits, push them if you have to, and complete the level withing the given time, keeping your high speed super car in tip top condition till the end of the game! Just a single level of this intense car racing game will be enough to make you realize that all the other drag racing games online that you used to play cannot get compared to this one. On the other hand, if you were not familiar to drag racing games online before, you will definitely find them such a fun online spare time activity for they give you the three things a car racing addicts are looking for: adrenaline, extreme speed and the chance to put your driving skills to a test!

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