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Drag Racer 2


Are you ready to experience some really breathtaking sensations speeding down at the wheel of a really awesome, lightweight sports car, participating in a truly adrenaline-rising drag car racing competition? Then from all the drag racing games available over the internet, the Drag Racer 2 is by far the most challenging one!

Whether you're a beginner or champion already, the great news is that, from the very beginning, you get to select the level of difficulty. Then, get ready for the next step, one that you won't find in all the free drag racing games available online, that of customizing your gorgeous drag race super car! You're given the chance of improving both your car's look and its performance, so mind you don't waist your chance and start looking for a really spectacular, one of a kind type of bodykit, some great rims, hoods and lights, then show off your skills as a mechanic, too, and make sure to get it a really high powered engine, the most appropriate suspension and some really powerful tires, but not until you've actually picked the sports car that you'd like to drive on the drag racing circuit. Feel free to pick out of 60 amazing super cars the super car of your fantasies, then push its limits and yours, too, drag racing it down the track!

As in other free drag racing games, when it comes to game controls, there's nothing too difficult, the key to success lies in your good reaction times, in fact! Therefore, press your space bar like crazy to fill in your car's engine with gas, for it will surely need a lot once the challenging race begins, and your up and down arrow keys for shifting gears in the blink of an eye, then, once you cross the finish line, make sure to press the “X” key in order to stop your car.

Get behind the wheel of your highly customized sports car, playing the Drag Racer 2 game, and drag race your car to glory! It may be one of our best drag racing games, but it's still only one of game from our wide free drag racing games collection, so if you have a huge appetite for this type of sports games, feel free to start playing another one, too, now!