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Bow Masters


Once upon a time there was a land far, far away… and in that land far, far away there used to live in peace two tribes… one tribe was very poor, and the other was wealthy… and they both had their own place… they both had castles. And they lived peaceful. Until one day when the wealthy became greedy… and wanted to take everything. Then the war started. You now have the opportunity to fight this war, to help the poor keep their castle and their home. You now have the opportunity to play archery games for free and be one of the Bow Masters. From the many archery games for free you found Bow Masters, a game that, from the few that you can find and play online, has a story.

When you play Bow Masters you will feel like reading a children’s story. At the beginning of the game Bow Masters the interesting story is presented to you as a saga. Everything is happening in a magical world where peasants fight for their rights and sometimes win. This is what happens when you play free online archery games.

Having as a background the sound of war, the fight between the two fortifications is being fought in the spotlight. The enemies are aggressive, so, be very careful. They are richer and have cannons that could destroy your castle. You only have the power of the bow and arrows and your skill to handle it.

Bow Masters is a very simple game to play, just hold the left click of the mouse for stringing and leave it to shoot. By moving the mouse while stringing you can aim the arrow in the direction of the enemies. The aim of this free online archery game is to kill as many enemies as you can and prevent them from moving foreword and stealing your flag and taking it to their camp.

So, if you want to play archery games for free this is the perfect place to do that. And if you are a fan of strategy archery games for free, Bow Masters is the perfect online game for you.