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The Jumper


If you are looking for online diving games to play you came to the right place. Here you can find free diving games for each and every taste. If you like the feel of adrenalin rushing through your veins just spare some minutes and pick one of these games! Today we prepared for you a game that you can not refuse. It is called The Jumper and its’ name says everything. If you are a fan of on edge adventure and you don’t have the opportunity to take part in real activities you can try this online diving game and you will experience a part of the real thing!

So, get ready for the jump! This online diving game is a very realistic one. You will be very impressed by its’ graphic and effects! The Jumper is an online diving game that you can play both with your mouse or with the help of the keyboard arrows. All that you have to do when playing this stunt diving game is to collect the bonuses and teddy bears for gathering more points. Be careful about the obstacles and lightning because they can damage your health. If you are weak from bumping into obstacles just look for the first aid kit and you will be OK! You can even win parachutes that you can use to save falling people. For every 100 points that you make you are given a parachute! Isn’t this an extremely fun and complex online diving game?

The Jumper is a quite complex game for an online diving game… you have to choose the objects to collect, you have to dodge obstacles, you have to look for first aid kits and also help save some people! Isn’t this wonderful? You will have the opportunity to save the people around you by giving them one of your spare parachutes! So, if you are a fan of online diving games you will realize that in the shortest time you became addicted to The Jumper… And now let the adventure begin!