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Animal Hunt


Have you ever dreamt of being an archer? Have you ever wondered how it would be to just wonder the woods looking for game? You haven’t had the opportunity to go out in the wild… the city busy life captured your every moment… now you have the chance to become one by playing this archery game called Animal Hunt. When you will play Animal Hunt archery game you will almost feel the wind blowing through your hair and the smell of the forest around you. Just string your bow and let’s go hunting!

Animal Hunt is quite an active game to play… you move, you turn and you shoot… this is the most beautiful thing when playing 3D archery games. Most important thing that you need to know is that you are in a permanent competition with time. But the best thing at Animal Hunt is the fact that you can earn more time by hitting the animals that are around you.

Before starting playing Animal Hunt you need to know every key that is used and nonetheless use them properly in order to play for a longer period of time and score higher. You have to use the left / right keys to move the archer foreword and backward, the up / down keys to move your bow up or down depending on the position of the game.

In order to string your bow you have to longer push the space bar until you have the amount of power that you need. And now … let’s play!

When playing this type of archery game, in order to make as many points as you can, you have to be very quick and vigilant because the time is quickly running out. Animal Hunt can be very challenging and fun. It is a game suitable for spending free time in a nice and relaxing manner. While playing Animal Hunt you can almost feel the atmosphere… you can see the nice green forest and hear the calming soundtrack…

So, if you don’t have the pleasure of going real hunting the solution is to play archery games in the comfort of your own home.